Evaluation Board
Email: eb@ecs.ru.acad.bg
Leader: Deborah Trayhurn
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Member: Email:
Deborah Trayhurn
   Institution: Leeds Metropolitan University
   Country: UK
Boris Tomov
   Institution: University of Rousse
   Country: Bulgaria
Carine Van Belleghem
   Institution: BIKIT
   Country: Belgium
Frantisek Hunka
   Institution: University of Ostrava
   Country: The Czech Republic
Ganka Kovacheva
   Institution: Technical University of Varna
   Country: Bulgaria
Janis Grundspenkis
   Institution: Riga Technical University
   Country: Latvia
Luben Boyanov
   Institution: BAS-Sofia
   Country: Bulgaria
Mihaela Zarnescu
   Institution: University of Pitesti
   Country: Romania
Ozgur Ulusoy
   Institution: Bilkent University
   Country: Turkey
Pavol Navrat
   Institution: Slovak University of Technology
   Country: The Slovak Republic
Pedro Barahona
   Institution: New University of Lisbon
   Country: Portugal
Raimund Ubar
   Institution: Tallinn Technical University
   Country: Estonia
Stanley Oldfield
   Institution: Plymouth University
   Country: UK
Stoyanka Smrikarova
   Institution: University of Rousse
   Country: Bulgaria
Valeriy Naumov
   Institution: Lappeenranta University
   Country: Finland
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