(about entering personal details in the site database)

In order to enter your personal details in the site database, click on Applicants and fill in the table. May we draw your attention on the fact that filling the fields with a star, including Username and Password, is obligatory. After filling in the table click on the Submit button. After the Project Manager approves your application, your Profile will be automatically transferred to the Partners database. If you wish to amend/revise your details later, click on Login, and then Update profile from the menu in the upper screen part. We recommend, that you use only letters from the English alphabet, if possible.

The functions below Login, namely Control Panel, Messages and Forum are accessible only after you input your Username and Password. It is desirable to click Logout after you have finished working with these functions.

If you have any problems working with the site, please contact the WEB Master Mr. Jordan Kalmukov, by clicking on the item from the main menu.

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